Detoxify Your Body Naturally

Over the past few years, the newest trend in health conscious communities and for those looking to make a healthy change in their lives, has been to ‘go on a detox’. Put simply, this involves eliminating foreign toxins, chemicals, and additives from your body.  For the most part this, usually, involves large-scale changes to your diet, to help the body purge itself of unwanted toxicants. Over the course of this article will introduce to you, a few natural ways in which you can help your body detoxify itself; including some methods, you may not have considered before.

Detoxify Your Body Naturally

First up is the usage of a sauna, or steam room, in order to induce sweating. Your body employs several different systems to assist in its detoxification, the process of perspiring (sweating) being one of them. When you are using a steam room, or sauna, it forces your skins pores to open, meaning that toxins and impurities are more efficiently purged via your sweat. It is important to note that not all toxins are capable of being removed through this process. When toxicants are forced from the body in this way, it normally causes a visible dermatological reaction. Spots and acne, inflammation, and rush are common ways in which these reactions are expressed. 

The excessive levels of humidity in a steam room mean that the sweat on your skin cannot evaporate; as this is your body’s predominant method of cooling itself, it produces more sweat to try and cool itself down. Sweating like this assists in balancing the production of oils by the skin, resulting in fewer cases of inflammation and lowering your risk of acne development. You should definitely consider using a sauna, or steam room after you have finished exercising or working out. Since it ensures that impurities are not allowed to build up on your skin.

The next technique you can employ to assist your body in detoxification is by upping the amount of water you drink. In doing so, you are helping to flush waste products and toxins from your body, your gut in particularly. Ensuring that you are well hydrated is just as important when you are on a detox, as it is every other day. This is because increasing the amount of water you consume on a daily basis, in turn, raises your metabolism. The resulting increase in your metabolic rate leads to your bodily functions being executed much more efficiently – detoxification being one of them.

Exercise, widely recommended to help you lose weight, keep fit, and enjoy a better quality of life overall, is again recommended here. However, we are not suggesting that you should start a new, full-on exercise regime in the middle of a detox. Light exercise for those who do not regularly workout is perfectly acceptable. Those of you who already exercise a lot should lower the intensity of their workouts whilst detoxing and listen to the messages your body sends. 

Routinely exercising is another manner in which you can boost your metabolism, as well as stimulate your liver and kidneys, which are the organs largely responsible for your body’s detoxification. As we’ve talked about previously, exercise causes you to sweat at a much higher rate and requires you drink more water, both of which being hugely beneficial. It also forces you to increase your respiratory rate, meaning you breathe faster and more heavily. Simply breathing in itself is a natural method of detoxification, even more so than perspiring. As such, yoga or tai chi, both of which heavily incorporate breathing exercises, are extremely beneficial in terms of detoxifying your body.

Massage can also help to reduce the presence of toxins in your body, the muscles especially. It does this in two ways, the first being that massage induces the release of toxins locked in the muscle, that are then deposited in the blood. The deeper the massage the more effective it is, as well as freeing up muscles that have knotted or hold too much tension. Massages improve the circulation of blood and lymph, resulting in the efficient expulsion of these toxicants. As well as extolling other benefits such as blood filtration, cell waste removal, and a boosted immune system.

Finally, getting a good quality, and the right amount, of sleep, is vitally important for your health full stop. Your bodily functions work optimally during deep sleep, which can be upset by the consumption of both alcohol and caffeine. So by removing, or at least cutting back on, your intake of these will result in more efficient detoxification. Your liver is particularly active during the very early hours of the morning, whilst you are sleeping. So staying up late into the night delays, and even shortens, the length of time in which your liver can best eliminate toxins.  Sleeping in too late also has its detriments as well, by prolonging the amount of time that waste products like urine build up in the body, increases the likelihood of reabsorption of some of the toxicants present.

This post was offered by Sam Socorro from Steam Shower Store, Sam is an expert writer in the health and fitness niche and has been writing and studying topics like this one for over 10 years.

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